SATS in one sentence?

Can you describe your experience of the SATS in one sentence?

Hint: Metaphors? Personification? Adverbial openers? Unusual word choices?

As a year group we shall vote for our favourites.


25 thoughts on “SATS in one sentence?

  1. I think it was the most shocking thing I’ve ever done,thanks for all the help during maths revision.

  2. I found SATS fun but yet a strange experience because we have been doing practice SATS since year two, and for English or Math I found that it is not how good you are it is what you know.

  3. I found SATS strange and more challenging than our other tests, I think practice SATS held less pressure than the real thing.

  4. I tried my best and i hope that was enough to get a good level.

  5. I found the SATs fun and exhausting in some ways, thanks for all the support.

  6. I tried my best, I did what I could. I hope I get a good level. Well done to everyone!!

  7. SATS was easy but it is done. Finally

  8. I found some of the SAT papers fun like maths, grammar and spelling but the reading paper i found ok.

  9. SATS are easier than they seem.

  10. I really enjoyed SATs, because we got a bacon or sausage sandwich every day and in the afternoon we got to do either swimming,P.E,laptops or have a playtime.;)

  11. I loved the free breakfast everyday, but the SATs were hard and made my brain hurt! Also by the end of the week I was exhausted.

  12. I tried my best and that’s all I could do so now I’m going to forget about them and make the most of the time I have left with my friends. I hope that everybody gets the level that they wanted. SAT’S I hate the word but now it’s all over I can hear it again. Their was a lot of pressure on me because all my family was expecting me to do well let’s just hope that what I did was enough.

  13. SATS were a bit hard for me.
    [Especially sitting still].

  14. I think i did well in SATS but ok in the maths test.

  15. The SATS were boring but I still tried my best. Fingers crossed that I get level 5! 😀

  16. I tried my best and i am glad it is over.

  17. I think i done well but it was hard on some of the question in SATs but sitting still was hard.

  18. I think they were alright but some were really hard. 🙂

  19. I am so glad the SATs are over and know I can stop being so nervous. I hope I got the score I was intending to. I tried my best thats what matters.

  20. Fun but scary because you want to do well but you might do bad.

  21. The SATS were great hope i get a good score and it would help me in the Future. 😀

  22. I am so happy the SATs are over I was worried all week.

  23. Even though I found SATS hard and exhausting, I tried my best for a good result.

  24. I liked maths A but not so much the others. The best bit about SATS was the bacon sandwiches and going swimming nearly everyday.

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