France 2013 – Slide show!

France Slide show


10 thoughts on “France 2013 – Slide show!

  1. Wow Year 6 it looks like you had an amazing time over in France. It seems like you spent plenty of time outside in the fresh air which can only be really healthy. I was impressed to see you trying some French cuisine and wonder how many of you enjoyed the escargot?
    Au revoir
    Mr O!

  2. Looks like you had a brilliant time in France and I do regret not going

  3. Great photo’s. Lovely to see what you all got up to!

  4. Wow sounds like lots of fun I want to go when I’m in year 6

  5. France was amazing best trip.

  6. France was awesome, plus escargot did not last long.

  7. I am so happy I went, I loved it thanks.

  8. It looks really good and I regret not going but it was good back here because we went to the museum. Also we went to the adventure play ground and made camps.

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