CSI: Tiverton

CSI: Tiverton Click here!

Year 6 have been working under cover and helped solve a horrific crime!


Who committed the crime? how do you know? Which tests did you carry out?

16 thoughts on “CSI: Tiverton

  1. It was definitely Fred as I saw him acting suspiciously by the Exmoor staff room earlier!

  2. I really enjoyed the lesson that we had with the science teacher.

  3. No, I think it was keith because he was wearing a white silk t-shirt. The reason for this is because the police had found a bit of silk on the floor whitch was matching the fibre of the t-shirt


  5. Bad bad bad Keith. His mum is not going to be impressed!!!

  6. I had lots of fun on the science work, the science teacher was nice i like her.

  7. It was so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I really enjoyed the investigation and i learnt something different so overall a good day.

  9. The investigation was really fun. I wish we could do it again.

  10. It was so cool,I liked the teacher and I think Keith’s mum won’t be happy.

  11. Really good experience,it was so fun!

  12. The day was really fun I liked investigating a real crime thanks Mrs Godfrey

  13. I really liked it a lot.:)

  14. It was really fun. I knew it was Keith all along.

  15. I agree with you Samuel.

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